Airshow Tickets


Family Day Pass (2 Adults & 2 Youth)

$80 Advance Online Only

Adult Day Pass (17 & Older)

$21.50@Menards/$30 Regular

Youth Day Pass (6-16 years old)

$11.50@Menards/$15 Regular

Children Day Pass (0-5)

FREE (this applies to General Admission ONLY; all other seating options require a separate paid ticket for children)


Presidential Chalet (Saturday)

$135 Advance/$150 Regular

Presidential Chalet (Sunday)

$99 Advance/$150 Regular


Reserved Flight Line (Golden Section)

$60 Reserved Flight Line (seating is only available for advance purchase).

Reserved Flight Line

$40 Reserved Flight Line (seating is only available for advance purchase).


Photo Tour/Pit Pass (Early Access photography tour)

$50 Advanced (tickets are only available online in advance only).

PARKING (Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles)

Orange Lot (Upgraded On-Site)

$40 Advance Purchase only / Approximately 50 yards from gate.

Green Lot (General Admission On-Site)

$10 Regular / Approximately 2.5 blocks from gate.

Teal Shuttle Lot (United Health Care)

$20 Regular / Per Vehicle Charge /Max 6 Passengers/ Shuttle drops off adjacent to the Green Lot.

Purple (Motorcycle )

$10 Regular / Approximately 1 block from gate.

RV DAY PARKING PASS (see description below)

Orange Lot RV Day Parking Pass

$70 advance only.

Grey Lot (RV Weekend Overnight Camping Pass)

$200 advance only / Arrive Friday/Depart Sunday




There are three (3) types of General Admission Tickets to the Duluth Airshow.

A FAMILY DAY PASS, ADULT DAY PASS, and YOUTH DAY PASS. A FAMILY DAY PASS is geared towards families and is good for 2 adults and 2 youth.

An ADULT DAY PASS is for those 17 years of age and older, and a YOUTH TICKET is for those aged 6-16. Children under 5 years of age are free and do not require a ticket (unless they are sitting in a Reserved Seat or Presidential Chalet which both are a per seat charge regardless of age).


The Duluth Airshow will offer 500 reserved seats at show center. These tickets are reserved and charged on a per-seat basis. The same charge will apply to an adult, youth, or child to occupy a reserved seat. This is the only reserved seating we offer at the Duluth Airshow other than the Presidential Chalet. Use of personal chairs is prohibited in this area.


Relax in style and enjoy your Duluth Airshow experience by spending the day in our exclusive Presidential Chalet. This exclusive area features private amenities, and of course outstanding food and beverages (at no additional charge). You will also get to mingle with many of our Airshow Performers who call the Presidential Chalet home after their performances. These are the best seats on the tarmac! Please note that while children 5 years of age and under receive free general admission to the show, the Presidential Chalet is a per seat reserved area and requires a ticket to be purchased for each guest, regardless of age.


Our executive front-row Corporate Chalet offers a private domain for Airshow entertaining. Corporate Chalets provide a shaded area for viewing the Duluth Airshow and a host area for friends, relatives and business associates. The Corporate Chalet comes fully decorated with staff ready to serve your guests. Private restroom facilities are also available for chalet guests. There is a minimum of 50 guests per day to secure a Corporate Chalet. Call 218-628-9996 or via email to check on pricing and availability. Please note that while children 5 years of age and under receive free general admission to the Duluth Airshow each guest in the Corporate Chalet must have a Corporate Chalet Pass, regardless of age.


We are now offering an exclusive opportunity for you to arrive early to the Duluth Airshow, and gain access to our ramp from 7:30 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. prior to the Duluth Airshow gates opening for unobstructed photos of aircraft. These passes are limited to 50 per day. (Make sure to also purchase a general admission or other type of ticket to get into the Duluth Airshow. When the tour is completed you will be brought back outside of the gate and will have to re-enter with a normal air show ticket).


UPGRADED ONSITE PARKING PASS – ORANGE LOT: Want to beat the traffic and park a stones throw from the Airshow Gate? Then the Upgraded Parking Pass is the way to go! The Upgraded Parking Pass will allow you to park your car or truck as close to the action as possible and enjoy easy access into and out of the Duluth Airshow. Once the Airshow is over, you will find leaving the show very convenient with minimal traffic congestion. Get the Upgraded Parking Pass and a guaranteed parking spot. These are limited to only 400 parking spots and are available in advance only and can not be purchased the day(s) of the show. Parking is approximately 100 yards from the main gate.


This lot is our primary general admission parking lot. Parking in this lot will put you approximately 500 yards from the main gate.EXPRESS PARKING w/ SHUTTLE @ UNITED HEALTH CARE

We will be using an express route from United Health Care off of Rice Lake Road. The “express shuttle” will bypass all of the congestion on the roads and will enter the airshow grounds from the Duluth Airport Terminal, dropping you off approximately 100 yards from the main airshow entrance. The shuttle ride is approximately 3.5 minutes.

RV DAY PARKING (advance purchase only)

We will try and accommodate RV Day Parking in the Orange Lot (Upgraded Parking). In order to purchase your RV must be less than 34′ and be able to fit in two (2) parking spots (front/back). Other option is to park at the United Health Care (Teal Lot) and shuttle into the airshow.

RV OVERNIGHT WEEKEND PARKING (advance purchase only)

Back by popular demand is our overnight parking option for those that have an RV and/or Camper. However, please note this area is in a grass field and there are no amenities so you must be 100% self contained. This lot is only available for the weekend option only (Friday Arrival-Sunday after show Departure). This area is limited and only 30 passes are available.

DISABLED PARKING (advance purchase only)

We have four (4)  lots to choose from.

Option 1: Our Orange Lot (Upgraded Parking) is the only flat/hard surface parking available at the show. This lot also features its own entrance gate separate from the general admission ticket gate and is 50 yards away from the gate.

Option 2: Our Blue Lot is a designated disabled grass/gravel lot and is the next closest lot to the main gate, however the terrain is uneven and is grass so take that into consideration before purchasing.

Option 3: Our Green Lot (General Admission Parking) is a grass lot, however we do have “disabled golf cart” service from the lot to the airshow gate. Please be aware that the golf carts can only carry three (3) people and may not have room for a wheeled chair.

Option 4: Board the Express Shuttle from United Health Care – Teal Lot. We will have a dedicated ADA Bus that will shuttle you to our shuttle drop off which is approximately 1 block from the entrance gate.  You would then need to get in line to take one of our disabled golf carts the rest of the way into the gate.