Where to Park In 2017?

The Duluth Airport is a great space to hold the show but let’s be honest, the traffic delays to and from the show in the past due to limited roadways were less than ideal. Like me, I’m sure you’re wondering how did they fix this problem? Well for starters, they hired an outside professional event traffic consultant from New York to look at all of the infrastructure in and around the Duluth Airport and completely revamped the parking and transportation plan for the 2016 Duluth Airshow which drew positive reviews from spectators who attended last year.  This is good news because by all accounts attendance for June 3-4, 2017 with both the Navy Blue Angels and Canadian Snowbirds is sure to be even larger than last year.

There is also more offsite parking than ever before with the option to take an “express shuttle”from United Health Care (Teal Lot) into the air show which will avoids the traffic on Highway 53! It’s a short a 3-4 minute shuttle ride from United Health Care off of Rice Lake Road to the Duluth Airshow.

An express shuttle is a great option but from a mom’s point of view, the Upgraded Onsite Parking (Orange Lot) is still by far the best option due to the close proximity to the show entrance and the flexibility to go back to your vehicle with ease if you forget your camera or don’t want to carry all of the layers of clothing needed to keep up with Duluth weather. The Upgraded Onsite Parking (Orange Lot) must be purchased in advance and sells out every year so take advantage of that if you can.

As I reviewed the parking options listed on the website I noticed that the majority of the parking options require advance purchase. Knowing that the Duluth Airshow is focusing on making traffic and parking a priority for the show this year it made sense to me that they are emphasizing advance purchases so they know what kind of numbers to expect and can plan ahead for the best outcome. Long story short, make your parking plans ahead of time and purchase your parking now with your tickets.


See you at the show!


  1. Will there be any Motercycle parking this year?

    • Motorcycles will be able to park in our GREEN Lot on gravel. It is strongly suggested that motorcycles consider purchasing an ORANGE Lot ticket as its the only concrete parking surface available. Other options include Shuttle from United Health Care (TEAL Lot).

  2. Can I bring a folding bicycle in?

    • You can bring a folding bike to get to the show, but will not be allowed to ride it inside the airshow grounds.

  3. I see that United Health Care parking lot has a shuttle service available- does this have a WHEELCHAIR LIFT on the bus? my wifes in a wheelchair and if its not wheelchair accessible its utterly useless

    • The busses do not have a wheel chair lift. Our suggestion would be to park in the Orange Parking Lot (Upgraded On Site Lot) as you will have a guaranteed spot. The other option is to purchase a Green Parking Lot ticket, and look for the disabled parking sign to park in one of those spots, but we cannot guarantee we will have enough so plan to arrive early.

  4. Are folding lawn chairs and umbrellas permitted?

    • You can bring a bag chair into the show, but not the old style folding lawn chair with metal arms. You can also bring an umbrella but we recommend ponchos to move quickly should weather change and to not obstruct views of others.

  5. Is there any limitations with strollers/diaper bags/ formula/ water for formula at the show?

    • You can bring in necessary items for a baby or toddler.

  6. Is RV parking available?

    Are there discounts for Veterans/military members/dependents, and/or nonprofit organizations (educational type)?

    Thank you.

    • Military Discounts are available on the day of the show, with a Military ID. You must have a Military ID in order to receive the discount.

  7. How often does the shuttle run (pick ups/drop offs)?

    • Shuttle Busses run continuously during peak times (8a-11a & 3p-6p). They run intermittently between 11a-3p.

  8. Thunder birds show – What is the anticipated time on Saturday July 9th that the tunderbirds would fly? I know it’s weather dependent someonewhat but we’re coming from out of town and may not get there by 10am when the show starts, plus have young kids and don’t want to have them in the sun for 8 hours straight if we can avoid it. Maybe it’s giving away secrets but at least if I knew that it wasn’t planned for them to fly until afternoon that would help us plan our visit. Thanks!

    • The schedule is fluid, however we can tell you that the gates open at 9:00 a.m. and flying is scheduled to begin around 10:30/10:45 a.m. both days.

  9. Will chairs be provided in the Reserved Flight Line section or do I still need to bring a lawn chair?

    • We provide all chairs for you in this exclusive seating area.

  10. At the top of my parking ticket says:
    SEC : Onsite Runway Parking

    I don’t see that listed anywhere on your parking maps

    • Onsite Runway Parking is our GREEN LOT.